Dot-to-Dot Activities for Kids

Great dot-to-dot books:

The Ultimate Dot-to-Dot Book

Not just for kids anymore, follow-the-dots puzzles offer adults an entertaining challenge as well. These 45 full-page brainteasers, designed for gamesters of all ages, combine letters of the alphabet with numbers that go well over 100. The result? A diverting array of ready-to-color pictures — animals, buildings, vehicles, more.

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge Book 7

Introducing "The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge Book 7" by David Kalvitis, the most detailed, intricate and mind-boggling connect-the-dot puzzles ever created. With no clues given to the final image, these revolutionary dot-to-dot puzzles provide a whole new level of challenge and intrigue. Each puzzle is a work of art in its own right. Upon completing a puzzle, you are rewarded with images that are themselves vivid and rich in detail. Seeing is believing. The "Super Challenge Book 7" contains superb double page puzzles with over 1,400 dots, as well as unique methods for connecting points to reveal a picture including "Arrow" and "Compass" puzzles, and puzzles connecting coordinates and symbols. Book 7 also introduces "Numbers," a brand new style of dot-to-dot puzzle. Monkeying Around has published twelve other connect-the-dot books by Kalvitis, who has older kids, teens and adults in mind when designing his puzzles. All of his books include variations on standard connect-the-dot puzzles. With ever-present attention to detail, increasingly complex images and fine-tuning of his craft with each new book, The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Super Challenge Book 7 raises the bar for dot-to-dots. Ages 8 to Adult.

Animal Dot-to-Dot (Dover Beginners Activity Books)

Thirty incomplete illustrations introduce pre-schoolers and early-school-age children to a host of common animals. Youngsters are asked to connect the dots and create pictures of a duck, snake, alligator, monkey, bee, and other creatures. Once the pictures are finished, the large, full-page illustrations also provide hours of coloring fun.

Zoo Animals Dot-to-Dot (Dover Little Activity Books)

Connect the dots to meet 46 fascinating creatures of the wild, among them a tiger, owl, panda, water buffalo, sea turtle, and panda. Solutions.

Dot-To-Dot Dinosaurs

This series of activity books is both entertaining and educational. Designed to be used with adult guidance, they will provide young children with hours of fun, while encouraging the aquisition of number skills and helping improve pencil control. 8 5/8 x 10 3/4 inches. 24 pages.

Alphabet Dot to Dot

In these simple and cute pictures, children don’t follow the numbers to connect the dots; they follow letters instead. It’s easy, it’s instructive, and it’s enjoyable to watch a bunny with a kite, a child on a life-size toy train, and a zebra on a wagon come into view; and when it’s done, youngsters can color in the entire picture however they please.

Dot-to-Dot (Dover Coloring Book)

Twenty large size, simply drawn illustrations invite youngsters to connect the dots and create pictures of a snail, bunny, bird, star, and other subjects.

The Little Alphabet Follow-the-Dots Book (Dover Little Activity Books)

Over 50 entertaining puzzles to solve by connecting letters. Finished, colorable items include drum, kite, robot, more. Identifications at end.

1-100 Dot-to-Dots

Learning to count, refining fine motor skills, and having a blast: that's what children will be doing when they complete these fun dot-to-dots. Each cute picture has 100 dots to connect, and youngsters will surely count along as they move the pencil from one number to the next. Nothing's tricky, because the dots follow one another in a nice, smooth, logical progression, not zig-zagging too much to throw kids off course. With delightful images such as a smiling seal, wild-haired boy, and beanie-clad dog, this will become a favorite with pre-schoolers and kindergarteners.

Nature Follow-the-Dots Coloring Book (Dover Little Activity Books)

Puzzles help create images of a squirrel, beetle, sunflower, mushroom, woodpecker, turtle, other nature subjects.